Brand: Caterpillar
Model No: C28-16

1. Serial No: 1PD00451
Manufacturing Year: 2006
Running Hours: 49190
Quantity: 01Pcs

2. Serial No: 1PD00452
Manufacturing Year: 2006
Running Hours:57066 hours Major Rebuilt 2015
Quantity: 01Pcs

3. Serial No: 1PD00453
Manufacturing Year: 2006
Running Hours:58067 hours Major Rebuilt at 35000 hours
Quantity: 01Pcs

4. Serial No: 1PD00456
Manufacturing Year: 2006
Running Hours:57385 hours Major Rebuilt 2015
Quantity: 01Pcs

5.Serial No: TDX00160
Manufacturing Year: 2014
Running Hours: 17271
Quantity: 01Pcs

6. Serial No: 1PD00452
Manufacturing Year: 2018
Running Hours:3755
Quantity: 01Pcs

Condition: Working Condition (used)
Price: On request
Warranty: No
Location: CANADA
ID- STM000150 Dt.- 11/02/2023
The genset’s operation starts with its engine. Typically, diesel fuel powers these. The engine burns the fuel, which creates rotational energy that powers the generator and allows the generator to provide electricity. Rotational energy transforms into electricity by spinning a coil through a magnetic field

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